Financing Advisory

H&H Capital Partners provides advice in connection with the key strategic and financial matters most important to our clients. Our focus is on assisting clients with the growth of their businesses through building relationships and forming strategic connections. We help companies to make the strategic transactions that will best enable those companies to grow and to build value for investors. We consult with companies regarding financing options, work with companies on increasing valuations, and we present opportunities to companies and to investors.

We focus our IPO advisory work on global listings. We work with companies to analyze whether they are best suited for the capital markets in Hong Kong, China, the U.S., or in other global markets. Our team has extensive experience with public and private companies in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Real Estate

H&H Capital Partners has a strong track record of investing in China's real estate market. We are now working with clients expanding their real estate investments to include the U.S. market as well.

Private Equity

H&H Capital Partners' Asia investment armfocuses exclusively on greater China and the industries in which we have expertise, including technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, and renewable energies. We work with companies to achieve their long-term business goals by providing advice based upon our leading industry expertise. We use our industry knowledge and individual skill sets to bring our investors the best return on their investment.

M&A and Strategic Advisory

H&H Capital assists PRC companies with finding strategic investors from around the globe. We serve as corporate matchmakers to find companies in the same or similar industries to make strategic investments. We work with Chinese companies interested in buying U.S. companies or the Chinese rights to U.S. brands. We work with companies in China and abroad in arranging joint venture opportunities within China, and obtaining financial support for individual projects.